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Power without Complexity

Netwidget brings the benefits of outstanding, high quality, Open Source software through its Appliances. The Appliances allow non-expert users to leverage the cost-effective advantages of Open Source software by providing default configurations and step-by-step guides and extensive help services to ensure a secure, fully function system with, in most cases, trivial configuration. Expert-users can drill-down to the appropriate level to fine-control the functionality. Netwidget Appliances have the following characteristics:

Netwidget provides both specialized Appliances and Business Appliances.

Specialised Appliance range

Specialized Appliances offer single and combined functionality precisely tailored to fulfill a unique function. The model range consists of:

Iridium Widget A range of DNS servers including General Purpose (master/slave with optional caching), Secure (DNSSEC) servers, Authoritative Only, Caching only and Forwarding servers. The range includes optional Routing/Firewall/DHCP functions.
Titanium Widget A range of Firewall systems for secure perimeter defence ideal for cable/DSL systems. Systems provide DHCP or Static routing on the external network; NAT/PAT DHCP server and a caching DNS for the internal network. Pre-configured for most DSL/Cable Service suppliers.
Vanadium Widget A range of secure email servers. Systems support SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and webmail access with TLS access. A full range of anti-SPAM and Anti-virus capabilities may be configured.

Business Appliances

Business Appliances provide all necessary software for a business in a single package. The range currently includes the following models:

Gold Widget The Gold Widget Business Appliance includes a Firewall, DNS server, Web server and content management system (CMS), email and calendaring, network archiving to optical media, DHCP server, FTP and Secure FTP server, Cable/DSL interfaces, Windows Domain Controller, VPN services. Pre-configured for most DSL/Cable Service suppliers. Multi-lingual support.
Neon Widget The Neon Widget Business Appliance provides the full capability of the Gold Widget together with UPS capabilities measured in days not hours as for a typical UPS.
Platinum Widget The Platinum Widget Business Appliance provides the full capability of the Neon Widget with added PBX and/or VoIP/VoDSL capability. Optionally available with 4 or 8 analog lines.
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