NetWidget Appliances

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NetWidget Business Appliance

Wall-mounted (recommended)

This picture shows NetWidget in operation. The LAN (network) connection cables are shown externally but could be run inside the wall cavities to keep a clean and professional appearance.

Hard Discs

Plug-in rugged Hard Drives

The NetWidget may run with a single or dual Hard Drives - NetWidget ships with bays or slots for two Hard Drives.

The second drive is optional and if fitted enables maximum data security by using a technology called RAID-1 which ensures that each disc is a perfect copy of each other. If a Hard Drive fails the system will continue to operate with no impact to performance and no data loss.

Each Hard Drive is sealed and ruggedised for maximum reliability and security and has a 60GB capacity. Replacing or adding a Hard Drive is done while the system is running (this is called hot-swapping) by simply pushing a button to eject and snapping the new one into place. This operation is performed externally.